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A dynamic mood board of all-things eclectic, out-of-the-ordinary, ethereal, modern and trendsetting in a way that is totally relatable and undeniably lovable.

We interviewed Jocelyn Gordon, Creative Director at Jocelyn to give you a glimpse into the wonderfully creative, sometimes nutty and fabulous mind behind the Jocelyn brand.

Now, let's get to know Jocie...

Q: How would you describe yourself in 5 words.

A: Eclectic, Creative, Real, Loving, Funny.

Q: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

A: I am inspired by almost anything and everything - from thrift stores and flea markets around the world to high-end boutiques on Madison Avenue. I find myself being inspired by things that are unusual, unexpected and obscure. I like to see things done that haven't been done before, so if something is unique or different it catches my eye, I use that as a muse. I especially love anything that sparkles, shines, shimmers or moves.

Q: How would you define your personal style?

A: I am drawn to things that are backwards, dichotomous, opposites, mismatched and a little crazy. Nothing about my personal style is basic – it’s out there in a fabulous way. My personal style is extremely eclectic because I love pieces that don’t typically go together and often don’t make sense but end up pairing together perfectly. My favorite outfit would be a pair of sequined pants paired with an oversized Jocelyn sweatshirt. I also love my Jocie coats, Fendi cowboy boots, mixing H&M with anything and everything Gucci and basically making every outfit look like a million bucks.

Q: What type of music inspires you?

A:  A constant inspiration in my life has always been music. I wake up to it. I dance to it. I sing along with it. I blare it in my office. During my meetings. While I’m working out. When I’m cooking. When I’m creating. Some of my favorite artists are Madonna, Queen, Stevie Nicks, The Notorious B.I.G., Aretha Franklin, Kendrick, Lady Gaga, Phoenix and The Doors; inspiration is not always tangible, and I think that these amazing artists have shaped the way I think about design. My music taste is similar to my style – a little of everything all mixed together! Especially, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga! Still obsessed.

Q: What are your current obsessions?

A: All of my Jocie pieces (of course), my black embossed leather Dior Book Tote, my fabulous vintage fur collection, my amazing shoe collection specifically my Gucci shoes, my vintage Dior Zebra coat, the movie A Star is Born (all four versions),. My “Lambchop”, John. New York City. Abbot Kinney in Venice. Emeralds. Tie Dye (it’s back!). Good vibes.

Q: What is your favorite decade?

A: Definitely the ‘70’s. I absolutely love the disco era and often draw from ’70 fashion trends when creating my designs. Take me to Studio54 at its peak with Warhol, Bianca Jagger and Liza Minnelli! That was the place to be and can never be replicated.

Q: If you weren't a fashion designer, what would you be?

A: A Rockstar! Or a reality TV star– everyone always says that I’m hysterical and animated and should be on TV. 

Q: Where are your favorite places to travel?

A: I am a native New Yorker, but I love to travel to exotic places! Besides my regular trips to Miami and LA, my favorite destinations are St. Barths, London, Paris and Morocco. This summer, I am planning trips to French Polynesia and the Adriatic Coast.

Q: Less is more, or more is more?

A: More is more. No such thing as too much.

Q: What are some of your favorite sayings?

A: “I’m obsessed!” "I can't even", "You don't even know", "Sick", "D", “Beyond” and "You Know What I Mean". 

Q: Sweet or Salty?

A: Sweet.

Q: Heels or Flats?

A: I want to say heels but in all reality, I live in my GGBGs.

Q: What is something that you never leave home without?

A: My jewelry that never comes off aka my love bracelet.  

Q: Best Creative Director in the game right now?

A: Besides me (she laughs), definitely Virgil Abloh from Off-White and Alessandro Michelle from Gucci.

Q: Shaken or Stirred?

A: Shaken

Q: Uptown or Downtown?

A: Both depending on my mood.

Q: What are you most excited for in 2019?

A: This year, the Jocelyn brand will be launching its first official Spring Collection adding a new and exciting dimension to my work. We just finished shooting the look-book and created an amazing video series that will help showcase this line in a new and exciting way.

We are also launching our first ever faux fur line. The line just came in and I swear to you, you cannot even tell the difference between the real fur and the faux fur… it is that good. It’s everything everyone loves about Jocelyn but made with Faux fur.

 Jocelyn's vision is untapped. She is always ready for more and the world is ready for more Jocelyn! Stay tuned to learn more about Jocelyn and the brand. 

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